Sonnendurchfluteter Raum propter homines im Festspielhaus Bregenz © Dominic Kummer

Walnut wood and lake view

Elegant walnut woodwork and a glorious view over the lake make our Seestudio (lake studio) a very special venue. You feel it as soon as you enter the room: its atmosphere is harmonious, intimate and inviting at the same time. And the studio has a range of other qualities you may not notice straight away.

Technical Specifications

Length x width
21 x 16 m
Total area
330 m²
Exhibition space
177 m²
Room height
6,1 m
Theatre style
330 People
Classroom style
168 People
270 People
Standing room
495 People


A space with unlimited potential, the Seestudio is an exclusive setting for conferences and company celebrations.

But the studio also cuts an impressive figure as a venue for staged performances. With concealed access to the lake stage, it is suitable for plays, concerts, readings and much more. Its height of over six metres allows for a wide variety of stage constructions and backdrops.


To create the right atmosphere, the project managers work together with our technical team to make the most of the exceptional facilities the room is equipped with. These include a large, motorised projection screen, adaptable speaker and spotlight mounts as well as a mobile bridge on which an array of technological devices can be installed, ensuring great flexibility in staging events.

The glass facade extends the length of the room, admitting natural light by day and, in the evening, affording a view of the sunset. It also offers creative opportunities to surprise your participants. For instance, a glass partition approximately 50 cm wide can be used to reflect the theme of your event.

Another special feature of the Seestudio is its acoustics. The room can be individually adapted for any performance – whether spoken theatre, readings or orchestral rehearsals. Fold-out acoustic panels produce either brilliant or soft sound. The space is therefore also perfect for use as a recording studio, for everything from podcasts to large orchestral recordings.


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Peter Spritzendorfer © Anja Koehler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
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"Client support is outstanding. Every guest is really enthusiastic about the setting and goes into the event with a very positive feeling."

Nicolaus von Miltitz
Munich Management Group GmbH

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Sonnendurchfluteter Raum propter homines im Festspielhaus Bregenz © Dominic Kummer
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