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Nahaufnahme der Ready Maid vor dem Festspielhaus Bregenz © Dominic Kummer

You will have a dedicated event manager who you can contact about all matters concerning your event at the Festspielhaus Bregenz. When it comes to event technology, event management and catering, you are in the best hands. The conception and production of events are our strengths, as visitors to the Bregenz Festival can testify. The highest standards apply when it comes to sustainability: we have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel and can therefore certify your event as a Green Meeting or Green Event. Speaking of green, our congress centre is beautifully embedded in greenery, set against the blue backdrop of Lake Constance.

"The high level of professionalism of the organisation team, the high quality of the facilities, the attractive location and the overall performance make the Festspielhaus the first choice for us. We owe the positive development of our annual event in large part to our partner Kongresskultur Bregenz."

Siegfried Luger
CEO, Luger Research e.U. | Luger GmbH

Event catering

Our in-house catering business, evenTZ by foodaffairs, is the perfect partner to ensure that your conference or company celebration will be remembered also for the food and drink that was served. That’s thanks to professionals who have been working internationally in event catering for 15 years. Clients notice this straight away from the individually tailored bill of fare with the finest dishes or complete menus designed for every budget. As diverse as the culinary options are, evenTZ by foodaffairs as a green caterer awarded the Austrian Ecolabel remains true to the principle of predominantly seasonal food that’s regionally sourced, certified organic and fair-trade. And this is accompanied by sincere hospitality and an eye for detail. There’s a lot to savour!
Architekturaufnahme Licht-Schatten-Spiel im Saal propter homines im Festspielhaus Bregenz © Büro Magma, Magdalena Türtscher


Twenty-five event spaces are available for hire in the Festspielhaus Bregenz, each of them boasting state-of-the-art technology. Every summer, the Bregenz Festival demonstrates how well versed our employees are in high-tech productions. These experts in lighting, sound and multimedia technology also do the staging for your events. In addition, the Festspielhaus Bregenz has its own workshop with a metalworking shop, carpentry shop, decor and scene painting, props, stage design, and costume department. You can benefit from this in-depth expertise when organising your event, enhancing your Christmas party, gala or trade fair.


A conference, meeting or kick-off event for employees is a complex matter with many aspects to consider. It’s about much more than just finding a suitable room. It's about professional event design. Your contact in the Event Management team will be there to advise you from day one and plan along with you from the conception until after the event is over. The event managers offer valuable tips, keep an eye on all individual agendas, clear up issues by consulting various departments at the Festspielhaus and make arrangements with external partners, if required. This is how we define event management.

Green Meetings and Green Events

The Festspielhaus Bregenz has been leading the way in sustainability for years. We are a Green Location and have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Meetings and Green Events. The advantage for you? It allows us to certify your event as a Green Meeting or Green Event, at no extra cost. A conference or kick-off event that fulfils these criteria will have a positive impact on your budget, your image and above all on the environment and the population at large. The detailed certification process can be left to us.
Nahaufnahme Fassade Saal propter homines Festspielhaus Bregenz © Büro Magma, Magdalena Türtscher


Convention Partner Vorarlberg is our professional partner for participation management, consulting and organising a programme of accompanying events. Starting with the online registration of participants, the team will take care of travel arrangements and hotel bookings as well as putting together an attractive programme of accompanying events. This gives you time to concentrate on the essentials, i.e. your event. Whether for analogue, virtual or hybrid event formats, the innovative Events Vorarlberg platform offered by Convention Partner Vorarlberg facilitates the organisation of an event and the direct communication with and between participants. In addition to the organisational and technical aspects, one thing above all is important to the Convention Bureau, as it is to us – meaningful encounters. Click here for the free services.

Attractive location for accompanying events

Does your event extend over several days? If so, make the most of the Bregenz hinterland, as a welcome addition to the programme. For instance, an event that includes the Alpine Rhine – the river that forms the border of Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland – offers genuine added value and is sure to be remembered by your participants. You could consider guided tours of local businesses that have made a name for themselves internationally.
Fassade Saal propter homines Festspielhaus Bregenz mit Himmel und Baumspitzen © Büro Magma, Magdalena Türtscher


Why not go ahead and send us a non-binding enquiry using our event enquiry form, or call and speak to one of our event organisation experts? We look forward to hearing from you.

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