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Black box, event location, plenary chamber

Werkstattbühne – THE function room. The rough diamond of the conference centre on Lake Constance. Do you have something extraordinary in mind? An unprecedented sound and light show? A new room concept? Find out more about our rough diamond, the Werkstattbühne (means Studio Theatre), and give your event the finishing touch.


Technical Specifications

Length x width 45 x 37m
Total area 1,665m²
Exhibition space 984m²
Room height 9,6m
Theatre style 1.563
Classroom style 612
Banquet 1.078
Standing room 3.700 with Seitenbühnen I and II


Seitenbühne II  
Length x width 15,5 x 20m
Total area 336m²
Exhibition space 162m²
Room height  9m
Theatre style 322
Classroom style 126
Banquet 210
Standing room 500


Equipment features

45 by 37 metres are at your disposal. Its size and equipment options make the Werkstattbühne unique in the area. The multifunctional “black box” provides the perfect setting for any occasion, thanks to its various stages, lay-out and decoration options: a flyloft spans most of the area and can handle suspended weights of up to 37.5 tons; decorations can tower up to nine metres high; a mobile director’s tower; a six metre-wide by nine metre-tall entranceway for small vans; and much more. Whether it’s a pop or rock concert, business forum, product presentation, ball or exhibition – thanks to the Werkstattbühne, our conference centre can also cater for large events, with two overhead cranes on the side stages facilitating larger structures.

For conferences and meetings, the Werkstattbühne can be combined with the main stage (Hauptbühne) and side stages I and II (Seitenbühnen I and II), to create spatial environments tailored to your requirements, thus providing a variety of event opportunities with capacity for up to 3,700 spectators. And by the clever use of light, the space can also be made to look smaller.

Other special features

Our Werkstattbühne cannot only be transformed into a charming event venue for acoustically-accompanied lightshows or opening ceremonies – your guests can also be treated to indoor fireworks. In addition, our Werkstattbühne can be converted into a sound studio or rehearsal stage, for which it is used every summer for the Bregenz Festival.

The Werkstattbühne has its own public entrance – the so-called vestibule, which acts like a gangway to lead your event participants to the scene of the action. Several events can therefore be held at the same time without interfering with one another. Access is, however, also available via the main Bregenz Festival House entrance. The infinitely variable entrance width of the side stages also allows access to large audiences.

Professionally fitting out an empty room of this size requires a certain amount of expertise and props. The Festspielhaus Bregenz team will therefore be on hand with advice and support. The building has its own workshops, such as fitting, carpentry, upholstering, painting and laminating, as well as tailoring and masks, which house all the associated specialist staff.

Peter Spritzendorfer © Anja Koehler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
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