Platz der Wiener Symphoniker

Festspielhaus Bregenz Bühnenturm Ausschnitt mit Himmel © Dominic Kummer

Ready Maid and the speed of light

The plaza between the town centre and the shore of Lake Constance is called Platz der Wiener Symphoniker. It is integrated into a spacious, park-like green corridor. In addition to the outdoor seating of the restaurants, there are other seats available on the plaza which visitors can move and arrange as they like. This supports the communicative character of the place.

Menschenmenge auf dem Platz der Wiener Symphoniker vor dem Festspielhaus Bregenz © Anja Koehler
© Anja Koehler

Technical Specifications

Standing room
12000 People


For open-air events the plaza offers standing room for up to 12,000 people. Some organisers like to incorporate this space in the event for which they are utilising rooms in Bregenz Festival House – as happened during the European Football Championships of 2008 as well as during the Vorarlberger BewegungsFestSpielen. Apart from that, concerts are held on the Platz der Wiener Symphoniker. Along with classical concerts of the Bregenz Festival, popular music artists such as Xavier Naidoo have performed here too.

Peter Spritzendorfer © Anja Koehler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
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Peter Spritzendorfer

Art works on the plaza

No doubt you have wondered what the numbers displayed on the roof of Bregenz Festival House actually mean. It is a light installation by the artist Cerith Wyn Evans, a winning entry in the Kunst am Bau competition. The series of digits displayed in neon light, “299,792,458 m/s”, is a numerical representation of the speed of light. 

The 6.9 metre high bronze sculpture “Ready Maid” marks the centre of the Platz der Wiener Symphoniker. Gottfried Bechtold’s sculpture is a burnished bronze cast of a forked tree trunk. Displayed upside down it resembles a striding being. “For the viewer the self-reflection of the torso in the surface of the water is visible as a constant transformation of the one into the other. The tree becomes the amazon, the amazon becomes the tree,” the artist says.

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