Our experience is included in the price

We've gained a lot of experience from small, big and very big events.

In other words: from the Christmas party of a medium-sized business to the TV studio for ZDF’s broadcasts of the European football championships in 2008. The confidence we are able to give you as a result of this varied experience is worth a great deal, and it’s included in the price.

Festspielhaus Bregenz Bühnenturm Ausschnitt mit Himmel © Dominic Kummer

The building block concept of our services

The services provided by Kongresskultur Bregenz consist of various building blocks. The basic component is rental of the rooms with their equipment, plus project management, audience services and technical staff. All the building blocks taken together constitute complete customer service from the conception and planning to the actual implementation of a congress, conference, meeting, corporate event or the like.


You get only what you really need

At our first meeting, you do the talking. We listen and try to understand who you are and what messages you want to convey. We then jointly search for the best form for your event and agree on what services are necessary or meaningful in view of your requirements. The choice you make determines the sum you’ll pay in the end.


Profit from our reputation

In connection with the price, it’s very important for us to point out that the international reputation of Bregenz Festival House is meant to have a positive effect on the atmosphere and impact of your presentation, not a negative one on your budget.

Checklist to ensure smooth running

Every congress, every conference, every event is a complex project, whose success depends among other things on faultless customer liaison and support. From day one, therefore, every organiser is assigned an assistant who will give advice on creative, technical and organisational matters, plan and coordinate procedures inside the congress centre, and handle contacts with external partners. This individual customer support is designed to be personal, unbureaucratic and flexible. Still it’s important to always be aware of the basic checklist to ensure everything passes off smoothly.

The normal procedure is as follows:

  • we ask you what aim the event is supposed to achieve,
  • we decide jointly about its scope and format,
  • we select the appropriate rooms,
  • we select the necessary equipment and facilities (light, sound, presentation, props),
  • we suggest partners to provide various services (catering, communication, logistics, etc.),
  • we work out a schedule,
  • we make sure the event is “well staged”
  • and we get together again afterwards for an analytical appraisal of the event.

Some other tasks beyond the core areas

Kongresskultur Bregenz is part of the network Convention Partner Vorarlberg, which can take care of the following important matters for you:

  • organising accommodation,
  • the booking process,
  • arranging a programme of accompanying events,
  • organising the transfer of guests to and from the venue,
  • registering participants via an online portal,
  • looking after guests on site for the duration of the event
  • assistance in accounting, billing and collection.


Technikpult auf der Werkstattbühne © Dietmar Mathis © Dietmar Mathis
Hauptbühne mit Orchestermuschel