A MICE venue with a nature reserve on the doorstep

Anyone travelling to Bregenz for a conference can look forward to professional and hospitable hosts – and not only that. Bregenz Festival House is situated at the heart of a natural landscape with plenty for the visitor to explore and experience. One highlight is the Alpine Rhine delta, just a few kilometres away.

Festspielhaus Bregenz Bühnenturm Ausschnitt mit Himmel © Dominic Kummer

This extends from the Swiss border to the Austrian municipality of Hard, which adjoins Bregenz. The Rhine delta is the most bio-diverse conservation area in the federal state of Vorarlberg. Over 330 rare species of bird have been identified here so far. Especially for birds that spend the winter or pass through the area, the Rhine delta is an ideal location. Large parts of the protected area are open to human visitors too. “The interaction of tourists and conservationists is surprisingly good here,” says Ruth Swoboda, scientific director of inatura Erlebnis Naturschau in Dornbirn.

Accessible to all

The landscape can be explored particularly well by bike, for instance on an approx. 20 kilometre long tour. The route leads past riparian woodland, meadows, reed beds and sandy beaches. But it’s also the right place for those who prefer hiking or simply bathing. They can enjoy some tranquil hours in the wooded area known as Rheinholz near the border with Switzerland.

Between the lake and mountains

The area around Bregenz Festival House also offers plenty of opportunity to unwind amid beautiful countryside. Visitors can go swimming or pedal boating on Lake Constance, enjoy a cool drink at the Sunset Bar in the anglers’ pavilion, or take a trip up the 1,064 metre high Pfänder mountain behind Bregenz – on foot or by cable car.


Photos: Hanno Thurnher

Naturschutzgebiet Vorarlberg
Radweg im Rheindelta