ÖKOPROFIT® Certificate 2021

Kongresskultur Bregenz has successfully completed the Basic Programme on ÖKOPROFIT® certification. It was presented with the ÖKOPROFIT® Certificate on 13 April 2010 at a ceremony during which 121 Vorarlberg companies received their re-certification. The festival house has since been pleased about its yearly re-certification – as also in 2021.

Festspielhaus Bregenz Bühnenturm Ausschnitt mit Himmel © Dominic Kummer

"These companies make a valuable contribution to Vorarlberg as a sustainable business location. The ÖKOPROFIT® programme shows what our possibilities are to protect the environment and cut costs in the process," federal state minister Marco Tittler said, underlining the importance of certification.



ÖKOPROFIT® stands for sustainable environment management and for cost-saving improvements in Vorarlberg’s businesses. The project is supported by the federal state of Vorarlberg, the town of Dornbirn, the Vorarlberg Confederation of Industry, the Vorarlberg Environmental Association and the Vorarlberg Chamber of Trade and Industry.

Currently 187 businesses in Vorarlberg have been equipped with this practical environmental management programme by ÖKOPROFIT®. About 25,000 employees in Vorarlberg work in an ÖKOPROFIT® certified organization.

ÖKOPROFIT® in Vorarlberg

187 Businesses

25,000 Employees

Supported by

Federal State of Vorarlberg

Town of Dornbirn

Vorarlberg Confederation of Industry

Vorarlberg Environmental Association

Vorarlberg Chamber of Trade and Industry

ÖKOPROFIT® Certificate 2021